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Last Updated: Friday, 13 January 2006, 12:47 GMT
Demolition of city tower begins
Tollgate House
It will cost about the same to pull down the block as it did to build it
A demolition machine has begun nibbling away at one of Bristol's tallest buildings, which is being pulled down to make way for a car park.

The 18-storey Tollgate House at the end of the M32, has dominated the city's skyline for 30 years.

Contractors have spent several weeks preparing the building, covering it in monoflex cladding to prevent debris falling to the ground.

The building is to be demolished floor by floor over the next six months.

Tollgate House was considered to be one of the UK's most modern office blocks when it was constructed in 1975.

It cost about 3.5m to build and will cost about the same to pull down.

The work is part of the 500m revamp of Bristol's Broadmead shopping area.

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