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Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 12:04 GMT
Mock crash boosts safety message
Firefighters demonstrating cutting equipment to pupils
The aim was to bring home the horrors of a road crash
A woman was cut free from car wreckage in front of teenage school pupils in an exercise highlighting the consequences of dangerous driving.

The demonstration for year 10 pupils at St Ursula's high school in Bristol, was part of National Road Safety Week.

Figures show that last year, 228 people were killed or seriously injured on roads in the Bristol area.

Fire officer Adrian Mantle said the aim was to bring home the devastating effects of a road accident.

"I hope that by running this exercise, the youngsters watching will realise the horrific consequences of driving dangerously and will make sure they keep themselves and others safe on the roads," he said.

Real concern

Mr Geoff Morris, a senior teacher at St Ursula's added: "Road safety is a real concern for teachers and parents alike, particularly as many of the youngsters who attend the school will shortly be learning to drive.

It is vital to educate this age range about the horror of road crashes
Mary Williams OBE, Brake

"We hope this exercise will demonstrate the need to drive safely and will keep our youngsters safe on the roads".

Road Safety Week has been organised by the road safety charity, Brake, which supports crash victims and their families.

Chief executive Mary Williams said: "It is vital to educate this age range about the horror of road crashes.

"Young male drivers, in particular, are most likely to speed and most likely to kill themselves, their friends, or other road users, including, tragically, children on foot and bicycles."

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