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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 September 2005, 12:02 GMT 13:02 UK
Rapist is jailed for five years
Lee Wilson
Wilson used crack as a teenager
A rapist who dragged a young woman into an alleyway and attacked her in 1998 has been jailed after a DNA sample was taken following a car crime offence.

Lee Wilson was 16 when he carried out the offence against the woman, who was then aged 19.

Bristol Crown Court heard that after the attack a DNA sample was obtained, but no match was found.

Jailing Wilson for five years, Judge David Ticehurst told him: "This was a very serious attack and rape."

In the years after the attack, Wilson, 23, of Kingswood, Bristol, drifted into a life of petty crime, including motoring offences and shoplifting, the court heard.

This brings to a close the offence committed all those years ago
Det Sgt Mike Britton

Wilson, who regularly used drugs, including crack cocaine and ecstasy, was convicted of taking a motor vehicle in 2003 and his DNA was put on the national database.

Detectives from Avon and Somerset Police's cold case review team matched Wilson's DNA with the sample obtained during the investigation of the 1998 rape in the Lockleaze area.

On Wednesday, Wilson pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and an indecent assault.

Afterwards, Detective Sergeant Mike Britton said he hoped the sentence would help the victim come to terms with what happened.

Deeply ashamed

"This brings to a close the offence committed all those years ago. I hope it will help draw a line under the tragic events of 1998," he said.

Prosecutor Mark Horton told the court how the woman was attacked and left in a muddy lane, as she walked home alone from the Bulldog Pub in Bristol.

Robert Duval, defending, said: "He was, at 16, a casual user of crack cocaine and a significant user of ecstasy."

"This man may well have neurological damage. Clearly, he has severe long-term memory problems."

Mr Duval added that Wilson was deeply ashamed of what he had done.

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