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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 September 2005, 20:52 GMT 21:52 UK
Tram tax to pay for new transport
Bristol City Council leader Barbara Janke, Liberal Democrat
Barbara Janke wants a local tax to pay for a tram system
People in Bristol could be asked to pay a special "tram tax" to fund a new transport system for the city.

At the Liberal Democrat conference in Blackpool the city council leader said people would pay if they knew it was going to a specific cause.

"We should be looking at how we could have the power to invest in transport infrastructure at a local level," said city council leader Barbara Janke.

Bristol has been trying to get a light railway system for 30 years.

But Ms Janke's suggestion has not gone down well with the leader of the Conservative group in Bristol.

"Frankly I'm astonished. It was the Lib Dems here and in South Gloucestershire who drove the supertram into the buffers," said Councillor Richard Eddy.

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