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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 December, 2004, 10:05 GMT
'Real Bridget' diary goes on sale
The 'Original Bridget' Oxfam Diary - pic courtesy of Oxfam
Oxfam hopes to raise 1m from sales of the diary
A 1920s diary containing the thoughts of a 17-year-old Bristol girl could top the best-seller list this Christmas.

Ilene Powell's journal was discovered in an Oxfam shop in Cotham earlier this month and the charity has decided to publish it to raise money.

It includes diet tips and the ups and downs of her love life, similar to those of Helen Fielding's modern-day heroine Bridget Jones.

The "Original Bridget" diary goes on sale in Oxfam shops on Wednesday.

Worldwide interest

Jen Brown, manager of the Oxfam shop where "Miss P's" diary was found, is astounded that the discovery had been reported as far afield as India and Australia.

"I had no idea that when we released the story it would end up going round the world.

"It's incredible the amount of interest it's created," she said.

Ilene's diary
The original diary turned up in a Bristol Oxfam shop

The charity's spokesman, Phil Bloomfield, admits it is riding on the crest of interest, but says it is for a good cause.

"We've taken just three weeks to get the diary ready for publication and into our shops.

"That's pretty fast for an organisation like Oxfam, " he said.

Many photographs of Ilene were destroyed as junk after coming into the possession of Nick Hastings, whose mother was a close friend of Ilene.

"I got rid of a load of them, I had them for 20 years. I couldn't find anyone who wanted them, so I burned them," he said.

The charity is hoping to raise 1m from sales.

'Bridget Jones' 1920s diary found
01 Dec 04 |  Bristol/Somerset

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