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Last Updated: Monday, 13 December, 2004, 22:13 GMT
Asylum seeker's family reunited
The family of a Colombian asylum seeker has been reunited in Bristol.

Luis Orozco sought refuge at St Nicholas of Tolentino church in Easton when his wife and son were taken into detention 18 days ago.

Lina and Miguel Castanos were told their appeal had failed on Saturday. She has been given permission to stay in Bristol to make a fresh appeal.

Luis Orozoco will remain in a safe house. It will take three months for the second appeal to be processed.

Serious pollution

"If felt like a prison - like they were feeding animals," said Lina of her time at the Oakington detention centre in Cambridgeshire.

Luis fled Colombia three years ago after blowing the whistle on a large company accusing it of causing serious pollution.

On being reunited with his wife and son, Luis told BBC news: "The most important is my wife and son have freedom."

Although the trauma of the past few weeks is over, the family believes the worst is yet to come.

Asylum seeker's family released
13 Dec 04 |  Bristol/Somerset

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