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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 05:56 GMT
'Bridget Jones' 1920s diary found
Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Diary entries are similar to those of the modern-day Bridget Jones
A 1920s-style equivalent of Bridget Jones' Diary has been discovered among donations to a Bristol charity shop.

The leather-bound pocket book, written in pencil, apparently gives 17-year-old "Miss P's" perspective of growing up during the "roaring" decade.

Spotted in a bag of donations to an Oxfam shop, it includes diet tips and love life secrets similar to those of the modern-day Helen Fielding heroine.

The diary will be exhibited at the city Records Office from 6 to 24 December.

Similarities to Bridget Jones's diary include concern for 'Miss P's' diet and body shape:

Friday 16 January: I now have lemon juice in hot water, with no sugar, instead of my first cup of tea, also apples before a VERY small breakfast of dry toast - if this doesn't get my fat down I'll give up dieting! Didn't go out today.

And her love life:

Saturday 7 February: Met Vera as usual and had coffee with the lads in the Oakroom. Danced with Jack G, Ken H etc. Jack pinched car and took me to the Whiteladies. Danced with all the lads as usual. Had a good time, six people asked to take me home. Ticked off JG for making love to me on the roof garden!

On January 1, 1925, Miss P "...weighed eight stone and was 5'3".

Enjoying life to the full

The diary, issued free by the British Malt Product Co, has the owner's details recorded inside along with glove, boot and hat size.

Oxfam said the diary would be presented to John Williams, the city's archivist.

'Rare find'

"However, if we are able to trace Miss P's family we would be happy to offer it to them," said Oxfam spokeswoman Jen Brown.

John Williams said the records office is very excited about the find:

"It's quite rare for a diary from this era to be found - particularly a woman's.

"The diary is particularly interesting to us because it details places which people are familiar with and still exist, or have been been recently pulled down," he said.

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