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Man guilty of prostitute murder
Nadine Hillier
Nadine Hillier had two young daughters
A man has been jailed for life after pleading guilty to the murder of a prostitute in Bristol.

Albert Webb, 38, from Paulton near Bath killed mother-of-two Nadine Hillier in October 2003 and dumped her body in a lake in Eastville Park.

The judge at Bristol Crown Court recommended that Webb serve a minimum of 19 years in Jail.

At the time police said Nadine had died from internal injuries after a "terrible beating".

Judge David Steel said: "You've admitted murdering a 25-year-old girl after having had sex with her. She was found floating naked in a lake.

"This was a prolonged and malicious attack consistent with your callous view of human life.

"This attack on a vulnerable young girl had sadistic and sexual overtones."

Previous convictions

Prosecutor Ian Glenn said: "The death of Nadine Hillier was due to multiple blunt force injuries.

Lake where Nadine was found
This attack on a vulnerable young girl had sadistic and sexual overtones.
Judge David Steel

"These included severe internal injuries consistent with being stamped and jumped on."

The court was told Webb had a long list of previous convictions, including indecently assaulting a prostitute in Bristol in October 1997.

Ian Pringle, defending, told the Bristol Crown Court that Webb had no recollection of killing Nadine.

He said: "Mr Webb remembers having paid money and going to the park and beginning to have sexual intercourse with her.

"From that point on, his memory goes blank. His next memory is sitting by her body realising he had killed her."


Her mother, Tina, said after her death that Nadine's life as a prostitute was down to an addiction to drugs.

"The last four years of her life were ruined by drugs and this caused her to work the streets.

"She wasn't just a prostitute or street worker, she was a loving daughter and mother of two beautiful girls."

Nadine suffered another violent attack in 2000 while working as a prostitute.

Her throat was cut and she was part-strangled during an attack in a Bristol car park.

Her attacker was caught and jailed for six years.

Steve Brodie reports
"Somewhere in Eastville Park he attacked her and stamped her to death."

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