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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 September, 2004, 19:59 GMT 20:59 UK
Tattoo clue in mystery death fall
Police are hoping a distinctive tattoo may help identify the body of a man found dead near a derelict building.

The man, aged 18-30, is believed to have been dead for about two weeks when he was found on Wednesday, September 8.

He died from multiple injuries and is thought to have fallen from Westmoreland House in Stokes Croft, Bristol, landing on waste ground.

The man, who is of Afro-Caribbean origin, had an Egyptian tattoo which depicted an eye - known as Horus.

When found, the man was wearing a khaki/grey hooded "Rocky genuine denim wear" jacket, black Westworld denim jeans, and a white Fruit of the Loom t-shirt.

He also had on grey and red woollen socks, dark blue/black swimming shorts and a pair of blue canvas open-toed Vans trainers.

Three keys on a climbing karabiner clip being used as a key ring were found in his pocket, along with a silver multi-tool and a small amount of cash.

Witness appeal

Det Supt Stephen Tunks, who is in charge of the investigation, said: "We are hoping someone recognises either this man's tattoos or his clothing.

"Someone out there - a friend, work colleague, or acquaintance - would have known this man and may well know what happened to him.

"For his sake, and his family, we urge these people to come forward with any information, however insignificant it may seem, as it could help us solve the mystery."

He added that inquiries were ongoing to find out how the man came to fall from the building.

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