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Last Updated: Saturday, 11 September, 2004, 08:12 GMT 09:12 UK
Kitten shaken and spun in washer
A kitten has made a miraculous recovery after getting trapped inside a washing machine for an entire wash cycle.

Tabby cat Toreilles survived his one-hour, 40-degree wash and spin in the machine, which he had been sleeping in at a neighbouring house.

The 15-month-old cat suffered haemorrhages to both his ears and eyes and lacerations to his tongue.

The kitten has spent the last eight days being looked after by vets in Bristol while he recuperates.

'Lucky to live'

Owner Debbie Sainsbury, 44, from Horfield, Bristol, said she was amazed the cat is still alive.

"It's just amazing that he survived - the water in those machines is very hot and there's lots of detergent which can't have done him any good.

"He lost 40 per cent of his tongue and some teeth, he's got flickery eyes and a bit of a drunken walk.

Sheelagh Houlden from the Zetland Veterinary Hospital in Bristol treated Toreilles.

She said: "I am amazed he is in such good shape considering what he's been through. To be honest, I think he was fairly lucky to be alive."

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