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Last Updated: Monday, 6 September, 2004, 05:00 GMT 06:00 UK
Schoolchildren get organic option
Children in more than 20 schools are to be served more organic food at lunchtime as part of a new Soil Association initiative.

The Bristol-based organisation will give advice to schools in Bristol, Swindon, Wilts and Chelmsford, Essex.

Part of the scheme will involve giving children better advice on links between good health and food.

Chancellor Park School in Chelmsford, Lethbridge School in Swindon, and 20 Bristol schools are taking part.

In Swindon, two parents are hoping to serve organic food to 150 pupils, which will include jacket potatoes from a local farm.

In Chelmsford, new primary school Chancellor Park will be offering 60% organic food to pupils.

Bristol is taking part in a pilot project at 20 schools until 2005.

Sue Burke from the city council said: "We are looking to introduce healthy food to more schools and to organise more trips to farms."


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