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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 September, 2004, 14:18 GMT 15:18 UK
Football blue card to be launched
Referee holding blue card
Could this be a regular sight at Saturday afternoon matches?
A scheme which introduces a blue card and sin bin to five-a-side football is to be rolled out nationally.

Trials for blue cards took place in Gloucestershire and will replace yellow card cautions.

Players are shown the blue card and sin binned for two to five minutes. After two blues the player is sent off.

Gloucestershire FA spokesman Paul Britton said: "Introducing sin bins was practical, there is less paperwork after a caution is issued."

Periods spent in sin bin
8 mins per half, 2 mins
15 mins per half, 4 mins
25 mins per half, 5 mins

Players can still be given their matching orders with a straight red card.

Mr Britton said: "Overall we have had no negative feedback - giving players a short, sharp shock seems to work."

But despite the scheme's success, it seems unlikely that blue cards will be adopted in the Premiership.

"The format of 11-a-side football is different. I can't see it happening," said Mr Britton.

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