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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 November, 2003, 17:03 GMT
Concorde's final flight path revealed
Concorde 216 will be kept at Filton
The flight path of the final route of Concorde 216 has been revealed ahead of the plane's journey to its new home in Bristol.

The last supersonic jet built at Filton will return to the airfield, which will become its permanent home, on Wednesday.

The plane is due to take off from London's Heathrow airport at 1130 GMT, and will perform a ceremonial flypast in the skies above its birthplace before landing at Filton.

Thousands of people are expected to gather in the city to watch Concorde fly over Bristol one last time before it is retired.

Lap of honour

British Airways is keeping the full flight plan under wraps for security reasons, but has issued a rough guide to the jet's route to allow fans to decide where to watch the historic landing from.

Concorde will fly out from London, over Bristol and across to the Bay of Biscay before doubling back towards the city, where she should reappear in the skies at around 1245 GMT.

Map of Concorde 216's final route to Bristol
The plane will perform a flypast over Bristol
With pilot Les Brodie at the controls, the jet will then perform a lap of honour above the city where it was built, flying over Portishead, Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare, Bristol Airport, Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Downs before landing at Filton for the final time.

One of the most popular viewing spots is expected to be the Clifton Suspension Bridge, but only 600 people will be allowed on to the structure to watch the flypast.

And police have warned that the bridge will be closed to traffic for about 20 minutes from 1235 GMT on Wednesday.

Officers say Filton Airport will only be accessible to people with tickets for the special event.

They say the best place in the city to see the flypast will be the Downs, and have warned anyone thinking of visiting Bristol to watch Concorde to use public transport wherever possible.

Organisers have also warned the route is subject to change if the weather is bad.


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