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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 July, 2003, 10:12 GMT 11:12 UK
Design classic may restore memories
Red phone box
The classic phone box was designed by Giles Gilbert-Scott in the 1930s

An old-fashioned red telephone box is to be placed in the garden of a home for people suffering senile dementia in the hope that it may jog memories.

The 1930s box was obtained from a Bristol salvage yard and will be hoisted into position on Thursday at Saffron Court in the Whitehall area of the city.

The home's newly-refurbished area is to be called Andrew's Garden, in memory of the home manager who died in April and who was the inspiration and driving force behind the improvements.

Bea Hansen, of the home said: "Many of our residents have poor short-term memories, but they can recall things from their past such as the traditional telephone box.

"We wanted to make the garden a safe area for our residents where they can pop out and use the phone, much as they would have done when they were younger."

She said the refurbishment, which had been completed by staff, was themed on a light, sound and smell sensory garden.

The classic phone box, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert-Scott in the 1930s and once a common sight, has been replaced throughout much of the UK.

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