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Timid tiger gets stuck up tower

Tanvir the Bengal tiger
Two-year-old Tanvir climbed the tower on Monday

A Bengal tiger has become stuck at the top of a new 15ft (5m) activity tower at a North Somerset zoo after climbing it for the first time.

Two-year-old Tanvir has spent 24 hours on the "enrichment" tower at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall.

He took a few seconds to scale the tower, which has branch-like platforms designed to test his ingenuity.

But the zoo said after shinning up the exercise structure on Monday, he has become too frightened to come down.

Spokeswoman Samantha Cordrey said: "He's quite a mischievous little tiger and yesterday he went up his enrichment tower for the first time.

"There's a smaller tower, of about 5ft (1.52m), and even that took him half an hour to get down from, so he's a bit of a scaredy cat.

"He's still stuck at the top today. Every time he gets to the edge, he looks out, puts a paw over, and thinks, 'no, I'm not doing it!'

"He will make his way down when he gets too cold or hungry. He got up there within seconds but he can't get back down.

"It was made to challenge him but he's a bit of a wimp."

Tanvir has been with the zoo since the summer.

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