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Dentist 'operated without gloves'
A woman has described how her dentist used his "bare hands" during an operation to remove a wisdom tooth despite her bleeding.

The patient told a General Dental Council tribunal that she asked Alan Hutchinson to wear surgical gloves before the extraction, but he refused.

Mr Hutchinson, 51, is accused of unhygienic practises at Branch Road Dental Practice in Batley, West Yorks.

He admits not routinely wearing gloves, but denies all other charges.

The tribunal has heard how the father-of-three allegedly cleaned his ears and fingernails with sterilised tools and urinated in a sink at the surgery.

The patient gave evidence at the London hearing, where she was referred to as Patient A to preserve her anonymity.

'Big joke'

She told the hearing that she would often visit the surgery at the same time as her children and noticed that Mr Hutchinson would move to different members of her family without washing his hands.

She then said that during the wisdom tooth operation, which took place in 1999, Mr Hutchinson had carried out the procedure without gloves despite her pointing it out beforehand.

She said: "It was a surgical removal and there was blood in the surrounding area and he had bare hands in my mouth."

Patient A said that when she later returned to the dental practice complaining of a "dry socket" and saying she was in considerable pain, the dentist had treated it as a "big joke".

The tribunal also heard from dental nurse Claire Pygott, who had worked with Mr Hutchinson for 16 years.

She said she was "disgusted" after claiming to have witnessed the dentist using a surgical sink as a toilet.

But she told the hearing, in response to questions from Simon Cridland, defending, that she was too embarrassed to raise the matter with her employer.

'Smelt urine'

She said: "I didn't think I could bring it up in front of him without being sacked."

Ms Pygott said she saw Mr Hutchinson with his back to her at the sink and he was "tucking something into his trousers before zipping them up hastily".

"I stepped forward towards the sink and it was then I smelt urine."

Mr Cridland said Mr Hutchinson had been mopping up the sink after splashing water from the tap.

He said the smell of urine Ms Pygott claimed to have noticed was probably due to the fact that the sink was used to clean fluid from the X-ray machine.

The case continues.

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