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Last Updated: Monday, 24 May, 2004, 09:32 GMT 10:32 UK
Speed lesson is a sign of times
Montage of road signs
Youngsters took part in the move to cut speeding
Drivers have been given a message about cutting their speed by Bradford school children, with the help of a new electronic road sign.

The youngsters from Foxhill Primary School in Queensbury were joined by road safety experts and police at the start of the Walk to School week.

The aim is to raise awareness about speeding on streets close to schools.

The pupils used a speed gun which lights a smiley or frowning face depending on the driver's speed.

Warning sign

To run the project the pupils were loaned a mobile Speed Indicator Device (SID) from the neighbouring Calderdale Council.

The machine checks the speed of passing vehicles and flashes a warning sign to the drivers, urging offenders to slow down.

The exercise gave Bradford road safety officers the chance on Monday to assess the SID ahead of similar signs being introduced across the district later in the year.

Foxhill head teacher Andy Bleasdale said: "It is vital that we get the message across to drivers that speed kills and it is particularly important that motorists drive responsibly around schools."

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