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Woman 'blackmailed Botox doctor'

A patient blackmailed her doctor after she performed a sex act on him while he administered Botox to her face, a court has heard.

Marion Burton, 50, of Maple Crescent, Slough, Berkshire, is also accused of secretly filming one encounter at the clinic in Berkshire.

Her husband Terry approached the doctor with the footage, demanding £20,000 to keep quiet about it, jurors were told.

Mr Burton, 51, has admitted blackmail but his wife denies all involvement.

Mrs Burton - who advertised as a dominatrix and called herself Mistress J - caught the doctor on a hidden camera after she lured him into the compromising position in October last year, the court was told.

Later her husband accosted the doctor with the footage and threatened to pass it to national newspapers, the General Medical Council (GMC) and to the doctor's wife if he failed to comply with their demands, jurors heard.

But fearing for his career and for his personal safety, Doctor X, who cannot be identified, informed the police, the court was told.

It's clear to me that he was going to attempt to do something with those pictures
Doctor X

"I felt intimidated and threatened and still do," he told the court.

"I'm so frightened to be in my own home that I get in my car and drive away from the house and sleep in the car."

Referring to his relationship with Mrs Burton, Doctor X said: "I did nothing she did not consent [to] or want to do. At no time did she try to stop me, she encouraged it."

And he said she demanded he supply her with drugs including ketamine.

Describing one occasion when Mrs Burton performed a sex act on him, he said: "I was trying to inject her face while she did it.

"I had a syringe in one hand and a swab in the other."

The jury at Reading Crown Court had earlier heard how Mrs Burton had fallen on hard times after losing her job as a mortgage broker, incurring debts of £55,000.

Recalling when he was approached by Mr Burton, Doctor X, said: "I interpreted what he was saying as, 'I can do you damage'.

"It's clear to me that he was going to attempt to do something with those pictures."

The doctor said he agreed to provide the money in instalments and over a period of several days, jurors heard.

He then drove home to the West Midlands before calling his brother and the police.

The trial continues.

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