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Bags of dog waste hung from trees

Bags filled with dog waste hung in trees
The council has been clearing the bags from the trees

A council has asked residents for help in identifying those responsible for hanging bags filled with dog waste from trees above a Berkshire bridleway.

A Slough Borough Council spokeswoman said the bags were littering the path between Mercian Way recreational ground and the Jubilee River in Cippenham.

She said: "It's not known who has been doing this or why, but the situation has grown over the last few months.

"This is not only littering, but could also be a health risk."

Joe Byrne, community warden, said: "Not only does it look unsightly having bags full of dog poo hanging from the trees, but it isn't the healthiest of pastimes either, for the person involved or residents trying to enjoy the bridleway.

I've seen the bags in the trees before and often wondered why people would throw them up there
Dog walker

"We had the same problem in Mercian Park last year, which we sorted out.

"I'm now following this up after speaking to residents and I'd urge anyone who sees this happening to call me. Anyone caught will be fined for littering."

A resident who uses the bridleway to walk their dog, but did not want to be named, said: "I've seen the bags in the trees before and often wondered why people would throw them up there.

"I called the council to let them know and they cleared it up very quickly, but they shouldn't have to be picking up dog mess from trees."

Councillor Satpal Parmar, the council's commissioner for environment and open spaces, said: "I can't understand why someone would find it amusing to throw dog mess up into the trees.

"It not only makes it harder for people to enjoy the park, but it's not very nice for the council staff who have to clear it up.

"Residents have been very good at cleaning up after their pets. We all need to help keep our communities clean and safe."

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