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Shared postcode causes confusion

Roy Bailey' house
Roy Bailey' house is more than a mile from the other businesses

A row has broken out between a resident and businesses in a Berkshire village whose shared postcode is proving a headache for delivery van drivers.

Roy Bailey has lived in his cottage in Great Shefford, near Hungerford, for 35 years and he shares his postcode with two businesses a mile down the road.

Their delivery trucks regularly end up outside his house by mistake after following satellite navigation systems.

He now wants the firms to change their postcode but they think he should.

Mr Bailey said he has always shared his postcode with the farm down the road but in the past eight years, the premises have been used by the businesses.

He said the problems have got a lot worse in recent years as more delivery drivers rely on their satellite navigation systems.

If they type in the shared postcode they are directed to Mr Bailey's house.

Roy Bailey
Roy Bailey said problems have got worse in the past few years

"My wife is disabled at the moment having had a hip operation," Mr Bailey said.

"She's got to struggle to the door to answer it for someone who wants another property altogether.

"It's also dangerous with vehicles stopping and slowing down and turning around here for no good reason."

Mr Bailey wants the Royal Mail to create a new postcode for the farm but the businesses located there have opposed any changes.

Gerran Medlin, from Holt Enterprises, said while he is sympathetic it would be too costly to make any changes.

Adam Power, managing director of Elemental Healthcare, said: "The issue is completely new to us and until now we've been unaware of the problem.

"It's seems to be a matter of common sense, it seems sensible to change the postcode in favour of the larger number of properties - namely the businesses on the farm, and for the local resident to change his."

Royal Mail said postcodes were created to help sort mail and were not designed for directions.

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