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Last Updated: Monday, 10 December 2007, 14:19 GMT
Council says new house 'too red'
Disputed house (left) at Merton Road, Banbury
The council said the house violates building guidelines
A family in Oxfordshire is facing the possibility of their newly-built home being demolished.

One of the reasons, said Cherwell District Council, was that the colour of the bricks used was "too red" and should have been "more orange".

This would allow the home to blend in with others in Merton Road, Banbury which is a special conservation area.

"We felt that the property is not sympathetic to the conservation area," a council spokesman said.

He added that the council provided extensive guidelines for properties in such areas and the house was not built according to the approved plans and conditions.

New planning application

"It [also] has no usable off-street parking spaces in an area which is already heavily congested," he added.

"We had no option but to recommend that enforcement action be taken otherwise the integrity of the planning system would be severely undermined."

A decision will be taken by elected members of the council on 13 December, the spokesman said.

The family has confirmed that it received a letter detailing the complaint by the planning department and its recommendation.

It also said that it did provide parking space for two cars in a garage.

They said that the contractor is working with an architect to file a new planning application.

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