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Teacher picks up enterprise award
Matthew Evans
Mr Evans wants to build students' confidence in their own skills
A Berkshire teacher has picked up a national award for the work he has done to help his pupils make the most of their business skills.

Matthew Evans, from Forest Boys School in Wokingham, picked up the gong for enterprise at the Teaching Awards ceremony at the London Palladium.

He helped one boy, who found regular classroom learning challenging, set up his own business selling fish bait.

Other students have set up a web-design business and created a computer game.

Build confidence

Mr Evans described enterprise as being "at the core of education" and his colleagues said that he has inspired them to change.

He said he wants "to build the confidence of students of all abilities to articulate what they can do - the language of enterprise".

Mr Evans himself runs a company selling a software that allows students to assess their own enterprise capabilities.

He also runs an online enterprise bulletin and has set up a virtual school market-place, on the Simply Click website.

Keith Quine, head teacher said: "Matthew is now a nationally-recognised figure who has got the ear of so many.

"He is prepared to take risks, and is a strategic thinker who is able to look at something, put his finger on what needs to be done and synthesise it together."

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