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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 October 2007, 10:02 GMT 11:02 UK
German drugs firm cuts 220 jobs
A leading pharmaceutical company has announced it is cutting 220 jobs, as part of a phased closure of its manufacturing plant in Berkshire.

Boehringer Ingelheim UK Ltd's Bracknell plant produces respiratory products in a specific form called Unit Dose Vials (UDVs), mainly for other countries.

Workers will not be affected by the cuts for two years. The plant will finally shut in 2010, the firm said.

The job cuts are due to its decision to stop producing UDVs in Bracknell.

The company is confident that employees affected will either be redeployed ...or will be able to find alternative employment
Boehringer Ingelheim UK Ltd

Boehringer Ingelheim UK Ltd currently employs in the region of 1,000 people in the UK.

A spokesman said on Thursday: "The reason the decision has been taken to phase out production is that in the future there will be no new products in UDV form coming from the Boehringer Ingelheim pipeline and the focus is now on new device technologies for respiratory products.

"Additionally, the current UDV products now face low priced competition meaning that it is not possible to compete given the company's production costs in Bracknell.

"The Bracknell area is one of high employment and the company is confident that employees affected will either be redeployed at Boehringer Ingelheim or will be able to find alternative employment."

The company said it had put in place "a broad set of measures that will offer expert advice on retraining and future career opportunities" for those workers affected by the cuts.

It will also continue to operate from its Bracknell offices, where it employs 340 people.

The Boehringer Ingelheim group operates globally with 137 affiliates in 47 countries and 38,400 employees.

Founded in 1885, the family-owned company is involved in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing products of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.

In 2006, Boehringer Ingelheim posted net sales of 10.6bn euro.

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