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World's most expensive sandwich
Chefs Daniel Galmiche and James Parkinson with the club sandwich

At 100, it has been recognised as the most expensive commercially available sandwich in the world.

The von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich has gone on sale at the Cliveden House hotel in Taplow, Berkshire.

Featuring Iberico ham, poulet de Bresse, white truffles, quail eggs, semi-dried tomatoes and fermented sour dough bread, it weighs half a kilogram.

The hotel describes the triple-decker gourmet sandwich as "the perfect lunchtime treat for gastronomes".

It was thought to have been a favourite of Edward, Duke of Windsor and his wife Duchess of Windsor, formerly Wallis Simpson.

Its reinvention is the brainchild of James Parkinson, the hotel owner's executive head chef.

He said: "The club sandwich is one of the hospitality industry's staples.

"Until now, I am yet to experience a version that is worthy of the many five-star hotels I have visited.

Virgin Mary

"[This] is made from the very finest ingredients and the taste is simply sublime."

A spokesman for Guinness World Records confirmed it was "the most expensive sandwich commercially available".

The most expensive sandwich ever sold was a toasted sandwich, which sold online for 15,000 in November 2004.

Its original owner, Diane Duyser of Miami, USA, had sealed it and kept it for ten years after noticing it contained an image of the Virgin Mary.


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