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Last Updated: Monday, 13 November 2006, 17:09 GMT
Light ban man to illuminate town
A man who was banned from putting up his outdoor Christmas lights after complaints from neighbours, is to switch on a town's Christmas display.

Vic Moszczynski, 50, of Sonning, Berkshire, was forced to scale down his charity festivities after Wokingham District Council took legal action.

The display attracted hundreds of visitors and was criticised as crime in the area had increased.

Mr Moszczynski is to light up Reading's Broad Street Mall instead on Saturday.

I am heartbroken, people think I do this for a wind-up
Vic Moszczynski

Mr Moszczynski has been told by the council he must limit his display to four 7ft (2.1m) inflatable decorations with no music or lights, along with eight rows of lights and two small moulded decorations.

The agreement lasts for three years.

Mr Moszczynski told BBC News: "I'm already fed up with the rules and regulations. I am heartbroken, people think I do this for a wind-up."

'Rise in crime'

Wokingham District Council said it was forced to take action, due to "a substantial rise in crime and anti-social behaviour as well as disruption, annoyance and harassment to the surrounding community".

It put the total cost of police and warden patrols in the area over the Christmas period at 7,455.

Patrols are stepped up due to the hundreds of visitors who turn up.

Paul Turrell, deputy chief executive at the council, said: "Having had all offers to resolve the issue some other way rejected, the council was left with no choice but to go through legal channels."

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