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Last Updated: Friday, 5 May 2006, 09:20 GMT 10:20 UK
Labour holds Reading despite loss
Tory supporters celebrate in Reading
The Tories made gains but Reading remains in Labour control
Labour has held onto control in Reading despite losing seats to both of its main rivals.

The ruling party, which lost two seats to the Tories and one to the Lib Dems, still has a large majority with 32 seats on the Berkshire authority.

Elsewhere, the Tories have held onto Wokingham District Council, winning three seats from the Lib Dems.

Slough Borough Council remained in no overall control, with Labour also gaining three seats.

'Difficult periods'

The party lost the council to no overall control in the elections two years ago.

Meanwhile, Reading West's Labour MP Martin Salter called for "clarity" on the timing of the handover of his party's leadership.

"What we do need is some clear timetable for this orderly transition that we were all promised," Mr Salter told the BBC.

"I want to know where we are going to be. I want whoever is the new leader of our party - and we are going to have one before the next general election - to have plenty of time to bed in, because we have got to put these difficult periods behind us."

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