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Last Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006, 14:01 GMT 15:01 UK
Drink-driver, 14, in court fracas
A 14-year-old drink-driver punched a prosecutor and threw a jug of water at magistrates as she was jailed.

Leanne Black, of Thatcham, Berkshire, flew into a rage at Newbury Youth Court after being told she faced four months behind bars for driving offences.

Before the attack, the court took the unusual step of saying she could be named in the public interest.

She is thought to have become the UK's youngest drink-driver at age 12, when she was disqualified for two years.

Three cans of lager

The court heard that on the night of 13 February, Black drank three cans of lager and then stole her father's car keys before driving off in his car to her sister Lilly's house.

Her parents alerted police, who arrested her near her sister's home.

Black later admitted taking a vehicle without consent, driving without a licence, drink-driving and driving while disqualified.

She was also just three months into a court supervision order for other anti-social behaviour offences when the driving offences took place.

Sentencing her at youth court on Monday, Magistrate Margaret Bates banned Leanne from driving for a further three years - even though she is still under the legal driving age of 17.

She was also given an eight-month detention and training order.

Courtroom rage

But when she was told that half of that would be spent in secure accommodation, Black flew into a rage.

Screaming obscenities, she kicked over a chair and punched prosecutor Lesley Gilmore in the back.

She also hurled a jug of water at the three magistrates before being bundled from the courtroom by security guards.

Earlier, with her father, mother and sister by her side, Black told magistrates that she had mended her ways.

"I'm sorry for my behaviour and what I've done," she said. "I know what I have done to my Dad and stuff."

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