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Last Updated: Monday, 27 February 2006, 19:44 GMT
Toddler has knife held to throat
Scene of attack in Dawlish Road in Reading
People living near Dawlish Road are very concerned over the attack
A knife was held to the throat of a 14-month-old girl as a pair of thieves robbed her grandmother.

Two men threatened the child with a six-inch kitchen knife as they stole a purse from the 47-year-old woman.

The victim was walking with the girl in a pushchair in Dawlish Road in Reading, Berkshire, on Friday when the robbers stopped them and asked for the time.

The victims escaped uninjured from the "extremely upsetting" robbery, from which the attackers made just 85.

Pc Matt Fear, of Thames Valley Police, said of the robbery in Whitley: "This was an extremely upsetting incident for the victim and her young granddaughter.

"It is a very unusual incident and I certainly cannot remember a similar crime to this one."

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