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Last Updated: Friday, 8 July, 2005, 10:14 GMT 11:14 UK
Passenger believes he saw bomber
Richard Jones - picture from INS
Mr Jones said he saw a man in an agitated state on the bus
A bus passenger says he may have seen one of those responsible for the bomb attacks in London.

Richard Jones, from Binfield, near Bracknell, Berks, had got off a bus just before it was blown up in Tavistock Square on Thursday.

Mr Jones, 61, an IT consultant, has told BBC News he saw a man acting suspiciously on the bus.

He said the man was fiddling with something in his bag and seemed in an agitated state.

Everybody is standing face-to-face and this guy kept dipping into this bag
Richard Jones

Mr Jones, who was forced to take the bus from Euston after Tube services were suspended, said: "He was standing next to me with a bag at his feet and he kept dipping into this bag and fiddling about with something.

"I was getting quite annoyed with this because it was a crowded bus.

"Everybody is standing face-to-face and this guy kept dipping into this bag."

Mr Jones, who said he got off the bus because it was in heavy traffic, has given a statement to police.

Police have yet been unable to establish whether a suicide bomber was responsible for the attack on the bus.

Police have said thirteen people were killed on the bus.

Hear eyewitness describe bus blast casualties


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