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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 08:22 GMT
Police dismiss shopping warning
Police have urged shoppers "to go about their normal business" after e-mails warning people to avoid a Berkshire shopping centre were circulated.

Thames Valley Police hopes to dispel rumours that "anything out of the ordinary" is going to happen at Reading's Oracle Shopping Centre.

The e-mails have told people to "stay clear" of the town centre on Saturday.

Officers are now trying to establish the source of the warnings circulated to several firms in the area by e-mail.

Andy Bagnall, the Reading town centre inspector, said: "These e-mail reports are being fully investigated by Thames Valley Police and there is no tangible evidence to indicate that anyone will be at risk.

"Similar malicious rumours have been reported in the north of the force and in Wiltshire.

"Anyone that has any information regarding the source of these reports should contact Thames Valley Police."

The force has stressed "there is no other intelligence" to support the e-mails.

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