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Last Updated: Monday, 28 February, 2005, 11:52 GMT
Man jailed for OAP sex assault
Philip Noamesi admitted assaulting the pensioner in her home
A 45-year-old man has begun a jail sentence after pleading guilty to a serious sexual assault on a pensioner suffering from severe senile dementia.

Philip Noamesi, of Vastern Road, Reading, was found in the 81-year-old's bedroom by one of her care workers on the morning of 26 June last year.

Forensic evidence taken from the scene linked him to the assault.

He admitted assaulting the pensioner at Reading Crown Court and on Friday he was jailed for 18 months.

The court had heard how Noamesi, a Ghanian-born car parking attendant, had befriended the woman several weeks before the assault which took place between 25-26 June 2004 at the her Caversham home.

Det Sgt Ian Winson, who led the inquiry, called it "an appalling case."

He said: "The woman was old and vulnerable when Noamesi met her and he took advantage of her, knowing she was not well enough to make decisions on her own.

"Before the assault, the woman was poorly but able to live in her own home with the support of specialist care staff.

"Since the attack, her condition has deteriorated and she is in hospital and unlikely to ever return home again.

"I find it sickening that a man could take advantage of an old lady and he deserves to be behind bars."

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