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Jane's mother hopeful of porn ban
Liz Longhurst, Jane Longhurst's mother
Mrs Longhurst campaigns against violent internet pornography
The mother of murdered teacher Jane Longhurst says she is confident talks with the home secretary will help her campaign against violent internet porn.

Liz Longhurst, 73, of Reading, Berkshire, met Charles Clarke in the Commons for an hour at lunchtime.

She wants action to stem images on the net, after her 31-year-old daughter was killed by porn-obsessed Graham Coutts in Hove, East Sussex, in 2003.

"It is going to be taken up at G8 level. It's on the agenda," she said.

"So I feel hopeful that something will come of it.

"Mr Clarke assured us he would be proactive on this, and said he was keen that we should continue prodding him about this," she said.

Mrs Longhurst was accompanied to Westminster by MP, Martin Salter, the Labour member for Reading West, and David Lepper, the Labour MP for Brighton Pavilion, where Jane had taught before she was murdered.

'Bizarre and macabre' fantasy

The visit comes after Amnesty International agreed to give their backing to the campaign, which has seen almost 35,000 people sign a petition against violent internet porn sites.

Jane Longhurst's killer was addicted to extreme websites that featured the abuse of women for sexual gratification.

Coutts, a 35-year-old musician, strangled Miss Longhurst to satisfy what a court heard was a "bizarre and macabre" sexual fantasy.

He lost an appeal against his conviction last month.

In March 2004, the Longhurst family met the then Home Secretary David Blunkett, who said Britain's presidency of the G8 group of major industrialised countries would be a platform to try to get countries to co-operate to close down or block internet sites.

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