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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 September 2005, 19:05 GMT 20:05 UK
Stabbed boy 'spoke of his death'
Steven Bayliss (left) and Nuttawut Nadauld
The two boys' bodies were found with stab wounds
One of two schoolboys found dead in a field had spoken about his death only days earlier, his family has said.

Nuttawut Nadauld - known as T Wood - had said he hoped that when he died his spirit would fly "with the sparrows".

The body of the 14-year-old was found alongside that of Steven Bayliss, aged 16, in Evendons Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, on Sunday night.

Thomas Palmer, 18, of Blagrove Drive, has been charged with the murder of the two boys, who had been stabbed.

We found in (his friends) the life and youth that was T Wood himself
Family statement

In a statement released on Wednesday, T Wood's family said his death had "destroyed" his mother, Sumintra, "beyond what is repairable".

It added: "In the Thai Buddhist belief, T Wood's spirit has flown with the birds.

"T Wood told his mum only last Friday that when he died his spirit will be with the sparrows because they sing so beautifully and nobody eats a sparrow because they're too small."

He attended a top boarding school in Thailand until he came to England in January 2003 at the age of 12.

He was unable to speak any English and was nervous about starting school because of a programme he had seen on TV in Thailand about bullying in UK schools.

In two years the youngster, who loved karate, became almost fluent in English and was keen to become a rapper or a rock star.

'Very popular'

"He always said that his job was to be successful so he could look after his mum for whom he always maintained typically Thai respect and reverence and whom he loved deeply above all things," the statement added.

The family went on to describe their own visit to the shrine near the death scene.

"Yesterday we visited the area where both boys died and were very touched by the flowers and tributes, the messages and small gifts many addressed to "50pence" - his hopeful rapper name as used by his friends.

"The many friends who visited, so many of them, all came forward and without prompt, one-by-one each extended their hand, gave their name and said something nice about T Wood.

"We found these friends needed something and so did we, and we believe we found it in that moment when they had a chance to express themselves to T Wood's family, and we found in them the life and youth that was T Wood himself."

Man remanded over killing of boys
14 Sep 05 |  Berkshire

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