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Last Updated: Friday, 20 February, 2004, 17:57 GMT
'Don't let spike strike', revellers urged
Poster campaign
The campaign warns revellers to watch their drinks
An evil hedgehog is the star of a poster campaign aimed at warning revellers of the dangers of having their drinks spiked.

Thames Valley Police have launched the new campaign after receiving up to two reports a week from people whose drinks in bars or clubs tasted stronger or weaker than usual, or had an abnormal effect on them.

Posters telling clubbers: "Don't let spike strike" are now being put up across the Reading and Wokingham areas.

The force says spiking a drink does not just mean adding a drug, it can also mean stronger alcohol being added without the drinker's knowledge.

Soft drinks can also be targeted, they said.

Thames Valley Police crime reduction adviser, John McNicholas, said: "Tens of thousands of people visit this police area in the evening to enjoy themselves in the hundreds of clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants.

"Our message to anyone having a drink, even at a private party, is not to leave it unattended."

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