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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 January, 2004, 06:18 GMT
Science teachers seek inspiration
The conference will involve 300 different talks and workshops
One of the largest ever gatherings of science teachers is meeting at Reading University over the next few days.

More than 3,000 science teachers from 50 different countries will attend the annual meeting of the Association for Science Education (ASE) to discuss the challenges of teaching science in schools.

Education secretary Charles Clarke was due to give the inaugural keynote lecture at 1500 GMT on Thursday.

The gathering will include more than 300 different talks, presentations and workshops addressing major issues in science education.

Dr Derek Bell, chief executive of the ASE, said: "Science education faces many challenges but when you see the energy and commitment of everyone at the ASE annual meeting you realise what is possible.

"By building on existing successes and strengths, of which there are many, and working in partnership we can overcome many of the difficulties and really enhance the quality of science teaching and learning across the UK."

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