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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 October, 2003, 11:11 GMT 12:11 UK
Teenagers urged to snub Halloween
The poster
The police have produced a poster for residents to display
Parents are being urged to stop teenagers from Halloween "trick or treating".

Thames Valley Police say older youngsters appear the most threatening to those residents who can be intimidated by the night time doorstep visit.

Parents are also being told to discuss what their children's tricks should involve after past festivities have seen verbal abuse, broken windows and graffiti become commonplace.

A spokesperson said: "Many now live in fear of a night which should be an occasion of fun for everyone."

The force has now produced a poster for residents who do not want a visit by trick or treaters to put in their windows.

'Frightening and intimidating'

Parents are also being advised to accompany children and to find out which households will not mind a visit.

Inspector Tony Walker said: "We do not want to ruin anybody's good time but one person's fun can be frightening and intimidating to another.

"All we ask is that these signs are respected, and that they do not bother people who have made their wishes clear by displaying the flyer.

"Some members of the community can feel very threatened by unexpected knocks on the door or loud noises outside, especially if they have had a bad experience before with trick or treaters."

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