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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 July, 2003, 12:31 GMT 13:31 UK
Lightning strikes woman's tongue stud
Pierced tongue
The lightning surged through Ms Nyang's body
A holidaymaker narrowly escaped death when lightning struck her tongue stud in an electrical storm.

Becky Nyang, 26, was temporarily blinded, unable to talk and badly blistered by the bolt of electricity that surged through her body via the piercing.

Ms Nyang, an airport worker from Reading, Berkshire, was on holiday in Corfu when she and a friend were caught in a downpour.

A flash of lightning bounced off a nearby archway and hit her in the face, where it was conducted by the metal jewellery in her tongue.

It hit me and everything was just bright blue - it zapped me frozen
Becky Nyang

The charge was so hot it left her with blisters on her mouth, face and feet and she could not speak for three days.

Ms Nyang, who said she feared she was going to die, must await tests from doctors at the Royal Berkshire Hospital before returning to work for Virgin at Heathrow.

She told reporters: "All I could see was lightning, nothing else.

"It hit me and everything was just bright blue. It zapped me frozen.

"My body shook for about 10 minutes, although I didn't feel the pain until later."

She added: "I know I was so close to losing my life and never seeing my family and friends again.

"I have been given another chance and every second is precious."

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