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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 June, 2003, 17:32 GMT 18:32 UK
'My year in torment'
Jay and Trupti Patel leave Reading Crown Court
Jay and Trupti Patel leave Reading Crown Court
The full statement read out by Trupti Patel's solicitor on the steps of Reading Crown Court.

"Few mothers will ever experience the death of a baby, let alone the death of three.

"Virtually no mother, however, will have to face the trauma of being accused of deliberately suffocating her children.

"Trupti Patel has spent the last year in torment whilst her lawyer and the experts instructed on her behalf have worked to demonstrate her innocence.

"The jury have today concluded that she played no part in the tragic death of Amar, Jamie and Mia.

"She walks from the court a free woman.

Tremendous support

"Mrs Patel wants me to thank her counsel and the experts who have worked tirelessly on her behalf.

"She also wants to publicly acknowledge the tremendous support she has received from her husband, friends and family.

"Many have come to court on a daily basis but have never wavered in their conviction of her innocence.

"Mrs Patel and her family would now like to go home and they would ask you to respect their privacy."

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