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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 April, 2003, 18:00 GMT 19:00 UK
Bees swarm to Queen's visit
Beekeeper at Windsor Castle
The beekeeper had just 30 minutes before the ceremony started
A swarm of bees threatened to ruin the Queen's ceremonial review of troops at Windsor Castle.

An angry swarm colonised chairs set out in the Castle's quadrangle for VIPs at a ceremonial review of the elite Queen's Company, the Grenadier Guards.

As a beekeeper in protective visor and gloves struggled to contain the threat, the Queen looked on through a Castle window.

The incident on Tuesday left one man injured - a former sergeant major, who was stung on the forehead.

The bees
VIP guests had to stand and wait while the bees were cleared
Pest control contractor Peter Sheppard said: "The queen bee had left her hive and was looking for a new place to stay.

"She found a chair and took her attendants with her."

With the bees removed, the Queen appeared at the Sovereign's entrance, amused but unflustered.

She reviewed her troops and was shown where the bees had swarmed.

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