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Drink drive campaign disappoints

More than 100 drivers have been arrested this summer for drink driving in Hertfordshire and police say it is a disappointing increase over 2008.

A crackdown in June brought 101 arrests of drivers over the drink driving limit and six for drug related offences.

That amounted to 13% of all those stopped either failing or refusing a breathalyser or an impairment test.

In 2008 just 7% of all those stopped were arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving, a spokesman said.

Ch Insp Donna Pierce said: "Rather than random checks, officers in Hertfordshire use their training and experience to specifically target those suspected of drink driving.

"This may have helped to account for this year's higher percentage of arrests from those stopped.

"However, it is still deeply disappointing that a number of drivers on the road continue to attempt to get away with drinking or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel."

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