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Pc's killer 'suffered delusions'

Jon Henry
Father-of-one Pc Jon Henry was stabbed in George Street

A paranoid schizophrenic who fatally stabbed a Bedfordshire police officer told a psychiatrist that he had stopped taking his medication, a court heard.

Luton Crown Court was told Ikechukwu Tennyson Obih was being treated in the community but was taking olive oil on the advice of his father.

Mr Obih, 29, of Winsdon Road, Luton, denies murdering Pc Jon Henry, 36, in the centre of the town on 11 June 2007.

He admits killing him on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

However prosecutors do not accept that his mental condition at the time was so bad as to justify a defence of diminished responsibility.

'Paranoid delusions'

Mr Obih also denies the attempted murder of window cleaners Stephen Chamberlain and David Knight on the same morning.

Professor Nigel Eastman told the court that Mr Obih had paranoid delusions that people were cursing him in foreign languages.

He added Mr Obih had a dream that he could kill someone just by touching them with his finger.

Pc Henry was one of four police officers who responded to an emergency call after Mr Chamberlain was stabbed.

Tennyson Obih admits manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denies murder

The Pc was stabbed twice in the chest while trying to apprehend Mr Obih and Mr Knight was stabbed as he went to the aid of one of Pc Henry's colleagues.

Prof Eastman said Mr Obih had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2005 and had spent two spells in hospital.

In December 2006 he went to visit his father in Africa and stopped taking his medication when his father said olive oil would be better for him.

He said Mr Obih suffered from hallucinations and delusions.

"He would suddenly go off at a tangent and start talking nonsense. He was articulate but difficult to understand," Prof Eastman said.

'Erased memory'

Prof Eastman added: "I then asked him about the offences and he said 'I have forgotten all about it. I have erased the whole memory from my head'.

"He accepted he had killed the police constable but said he had been provoked."

When asked if there was any doubt in his mind that at the time of the killing Mr Obih was suffering from an acute episode of paranoid schizophrenia, he said he was "extremely confident that he was suffering from the illness at the time".

In cross examination he admitted he had not met Mr Obih until 7 November 2007 - five months after the events.

Mr Obih faces separate charges of aggravated burglary and assault, which relate to an incident earlier that day.

The trial continues.

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