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Mosque victim 'clubbed senseless'

Scene of the crime
The fight started near a Costcutter store in Milton Keynes

A murder trial jury have heard how a long running dispute at a mosque in Milton Keynes led to an 18-year-old man being "clubbed senseless".

Atiq Rehman was attacked with a snooker cue, causing severe head injuries, and died two days later on 17 May 2007.

Luton Crown Court heard Bilal Zaman, 21, and Usman Ali, 20, of Cambridge Street, Wolverton, pleaded guilty to murder and are awaiting sentence.

Ghur Rehman, 26 and Haroon Awan, 22 also of Cambridge Street, deny murder.

Prosecutor Ben Gumpert said the prosecution did not suggest that Ghur Rehamn and Mr Awan they were main players, or that they were armed at any stage.

'Violent dispute'

"But we say they were part of a joint enterprise and must bear responsibility for what occurred when this man was clubbed senseless," he said.

The prosecutor said Atiq Rehman, who is not related to the defendant with the same name, was attacked on 15 May last year at The Square at Wolverton.

Explaining the background he said: "In late 2006 the community who attended the mosque at Wolverton had become divided following a disagreement as to how the mosque should be run.

"We are not concerned with the basis of that dispute but it led to a number of incidents where violence was used."

He said after Friday prayers on 12 January 2007 there was an incident involving a large number of people and weapons including knuckle dusters and knives and some people were seriously injured.

'Attacked and kicked'

On 15 May, Atiq Rehman was playing snooker when he realised some of the opposing group were outside and were armed. He sought refuge in a nearby Costcutter shop but was dragged outside.

"He was attacked and kicked but managed to get up and run off towards the Christian Foundation which is where he was attacked again," said Mr Gumpert.

He said the two accused where not physically involved in the attacks outside the shop.

But he alleged Mr Ghur Rehman was involved inside the shop and Mr Awan was acting as a look out.

The trial continues.

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