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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 February 2008, 21:21 GMT
'Facebook' lost policeman top job
A senior police officer has lost out on the chance to become a Chief Inspector after he was found to have posted very personal information on the internet.

Insp Chris Dreyfus, British Transport Police's head of royalty and government protection, was offered the job with Bedfordshire Police.

But when his prospective employer ran background checks it found he had been given a warning over his Facebook page.

Bedfordshire Police then withdrew the offer to Insp Dreyfus.

In a statement Bedfordshire Police told the BBC: "After the interview (on 13 February) we ran routine background checks and we were told he had a live sanction against him.

"Therefore we felt unable to proceed with the job offer."

The warning had been given to Insp Dreyfus after it was discovered that his page on the social networking website Facebook included graphic details about his gay lifestyle and photographs showing him posing in his uniform at a London tube station.

The written warning had come from his employer British Transport Police.

Insp Dreyfus was unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

The policeman put personal details on Facebook

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