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Last Updated: Friday, 15 February 2008, 19:23 GMT
Man is stabbed outside university
Students protesting at 'curfew'
A university spokeswoman said there was not a midnight curfew
A 20-year-old man was stabbed following a fight outside the campus of Hertfordshire University.

The victim was attacked close to the entrance of College Lane Campus, in Hatfield, early on Wednesday.

He was taken to hospital where his condition was described as stable, police said.

A university spokeswoman said that measures were in place to ensure the safety of students, but denied there would be a midnight curfew on campus.

Rumours had been circulating of a curfew being imposed at the College Lane and De Havilland campuses, both in Hatfield.

The Student Union held a protest, with about 300 students, outside the College Lane campus, in response to what they saw as a "breach of student rights".

"We believed there was a curfew in place, based on a message the university vice chancellor Tim Wilson had sent to all students at the university," a Student Union spokesman said.

"It stated 'any people seen loitering on campus after midnight will be requested to produce their student identity and will be asked to return to their rooms. Refusal or delay will be a disciplinary offence'."

Everyone else is being penalised
Student Union spokesman

The university has since issued a new statement which states there is not a curfew, the Student Union spokesman said.

He added: "We don't know if it was a student who was stabbed, or even if a student was involved.".

"We have about 24,000 students here - one of who may or not be guilty - but everyone else is being penalised."

A university spokeswoman said: "The students have got the wrong end of the stick.

"There is no curfew on campus. In the short term we have changed the closing time of the bar at the student union until midnight."

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