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Young sailor plans new solo trip
Peter and Michael Perham
Michael Perham's father Peter will follow in another vessel
A 15-year-old who became the youngest sailor to cross the Atlantic solo has revealed plans for his latest voyage.

Michael Perham, from Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2007 for his solo trip when he was just 14.

Now he wants to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, he revealed at Southampton Marina.

Michael said he needed to raise 1m to pay for the five-month trip on board a 72ft (22m) Challenger Yacht.

He hopes to start his epic journey in November.

Michael said: "The difference will be huge. The time across the Atlantic was three or four weeks but around the world it will be five months.

"The boat is twice as big and hugely more difficult to handle. If you went to sea and you were not frightened at all then you would be an idiot."

Chance of adventure

His father, Peter, who will sail alongside him in a smaller yacht, said: "I will be doing the trip just like him.

"We won't be far away from each other and then there may be times when we are 50 miles away from each other, but we will be able to give each other encouragement."

Michael said although he needed to raise funds, sponsors were interested in backing him.

"I have been offered a boat to take which is a major stepping stone, but with some major corporate help it will happen," he said.

"It's the adventure which really catches my eye and I have got this opportunity to do something really amazing, which will inspire many people."

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