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Court told of fatal attack on man
Robert Erentrauts
Robert Erentrauts died one day after being attacked
An alcoholic was killed by two youths who caught him rolling up a cigarette for a younger boy, a court has heard.

Robert Erentrauts was punched and hit his head on a hard surface in Cromwell Road, Bedford, causing bleeding in the brain, Luton Crown Court was told.

Marcel Cipriani, 20, of Westfield Road, Bedford, and Shazad Sattar, 18, of Foster Hill Road, Bedford, both deny manslaughter on 7 September last year.

Mr Erentrauts, 57, died in hospital after the attack. The case continues.

Head wound

Prosecutor Ian Wade told the jury Mr Erentrauts was an alcoholic, and on the night he was attacked was drunk and had taken cocaine.

The court heard Mr Cipriani and Mr Sattar became angry and aggressive when they saw Mr Erentrauts giving the cigarette to the youngster.

Marcel Cipriani, left, and Shazad Sattar
Marcel Cipriani, left, and Shazad Sattar deny manslaughter

Mr Wade said: "They were drunk and aggressive. They appeared to express strong disapproval of what they saw - an older man handing over a cigarette to a youngster."

The victim was punched hard first by Mr Cipriani and then by Mr Sattar, it was alleged.

Mr Erentrauts was found with blood dripping from his head and a passer-by called for an ambulance.

On his way to Bedford Hospital he said: "I have taken a beating."

When he was X-rayed doctors realised nothing could be done to save him and Mr Erentrauts was made comfortable and he was pronounced dead the next morning.

Grit was found embedded in his wounds and he also suffered a black eye and abrasions over his nose and cheek.

Mr Sattar was alleged to have said later: "The man got a good licking."

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