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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 September 2007, 10:28 GMT 11:28 UK
Seatbelt campaign nets 86 people
Eighty-six people have been fined for failing to wear a seatbelt in a car in a crackdown in the Milton Keynes area.

Nine others were given fixed penalties for using a mobile phone while driving and six stopped for motoring offences.

Checkpoints were set up in central Milton Keynes and Bletchley on Thursday and 101 drivers were stopped.

Pc John Bulman said: "In just over four hours at two locations, 100 people were stopped for a variety of offences - the majority for not wearing a seatbelt."

On Grafton Gate, in Milton Keynes, 39 people were fined for not wearing a seatbelt, five for using their mobile phone while driving and one person was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Crackdown continues

Two drivers were fined for illegal number plates or window tinting.

On Watling Street, Bletchley, 47 people were fined for not wearing a seatbelt and four for using their mobile phones. Three drivers were also stopped for other motoring offences.

Pc Bulman said "People know it is illegal not to wear a seatbelt and it has been an offence since 1983, over 20 years ago.

"People seem to forget that seatbelts save lives; 56% of rear seat car passengers who died in collisions last year were not wearing their seatbelt.

"The worst offenders were van drivers and their passengers.

"Although these checks were carried out as part of a Europe-wide campaign, officers are always on the look out for people not wearing their seatbelt or using their mobile and we will issue fines to everyone we see committing any driving offence."

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