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Woman jailed after heroin death
Lisa Keen
Lisa Keen, 37, of Leighton Buzzard, admitted manslaughter
A woman has been jailed for three years for manslaughter after she helped a 35-year-old man prepare a fatal fix of heroin at her Bedfordshire flat.

The body of Darren Lebek was found at the flat in Clarence Road, Leighton Buzzard, in September 2005.

Lisa Keen, 37, admitted manslaughter on the second day of her trial on the basis Mr Lebek injected himself with the heroin they had jointly purchased.

Keen was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Thursday.

Sentencing her Judge John Bevan QC said: "Heroin is a blight on our society. He was a victim of your dangerous and unlawful act and he paid for it with his life."

He said Keen was a vulnerable adult whose own life had been ruined by drugs and that it was to her credit that she answered police questions.

Drink increased toxicity

The prosecution accepted that without her admissions it would have been difficult to bring the charge of manslaughter against her.

Prosecutor, Michael Speak said forensic experts said Mr Lebek was not a regular intravenous user of heroin and the level of the drug was at the bottom of the range associated with causing death in someone with a low tolerance.

But he had been drinking and that was likely to have increased the toxicity of the drug leading to his death quite rapidly after the injection. Other drugs were also present in his system.

Amanda Pinto QC for Keen said her client expressed her sorrow for Mr Lebek's death which was obviously completely unintended. As a result she stopped using heroin herself.

"She is a vulnerable adult and someone who people take advantage of. She has received inadequate care in the community," said Ms Pinto.

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