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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 August 2006, 15:53 GMT 16:53 UK
Arsonist causes 100,000 damage
CCTV image
CCTV image of a man seen nearby at the time of the fire
An arsonist who started a fire at a shop which resulted in 100,000 worth of stock being destroyed by smoke and water is being hunted by police.

It happened early on 10 August at QD Stores, High Street, Aylesbury, when bins outside the shop were set on fire.

The interior sprinkler system was activated inside the store, destroying the stock at the discount shop.

A CCTV image of a man who was seen in the area at the time of the fire has been released by Thames Valley Police.

Pc Laura Wright said: "This arson caused extensive damage to the store and a huge amount of stock was damaged.

"An extensive clean-up was needed which cost a considerable amount of time and money."

The man captured on CCTV is white and was wearing a light-coloured hooded top with dark lines down the sides, light coloured trousers and dark shoes.

Anyone who recognises the man is asked to contact police.

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