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Last Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005, 11:19 GMT
Chalk Lion restoration celebrated
Chalk Lion at Whipsnade
The lion's outline will be lit by white lights
The restoration of a famous Bedfordshire landmark is being celebrated on Monday evening when 800m of rope lighting is switched on.

The Chalk Lion carving on the side of the Dunstable Downs at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, was completed in 1933.

The outline of the 250m lion will be lit up by white lights and its nose will be surrounded by red lights.

The previous lighting failed nearly three years ago, mainly due to exposure to the elements.

The actual chalk figure had become overgrown and dirty and was picked over to remove clods of soil and loose stone.

It was then raked over to loosen up the surface and remove any accumulated debris.

The restoration is part of a three year plan to improve the lion's white colour and shape.

The lion, which is not an outline but a solid shape, was designed by Mr R B Brook-Greaves and was completed by Easter 1933, having been manually dug out with picks and shovels.

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